Mentor Program

Tulane University’s mentoring program is designed to facilitate relationship development among Tulane University alumni and students for the purpose of career exploration and advancement. These relationships are expected to be mutually beneficial exchanges that provide personal and career growth. Ideally, these relationships will last for several months, or even years, as the individuals advance through their career.

Mentor matches are not determined or assigned by the university – they are determined through one or more conversations between the individuals involved.  It may take multiple conversations before a suitable match is determined. 

Read more about program expectations and suggested activities HERE

There are two options for participating in the program:


This site allows you to register using your LinkedIn or Facebook account. Tulane Connect will ask for access to information from whichever social media account you choose to use.  This information is used to populate your profile (which can later be modified) and to extend invitations to your connections if you decide to invite people in your network to join. 

To become a Mentor on Tulane Connect:

When creating a profile on the system, you will be asked if you are willing to help, and how you are willing to help. Simply select the “Willing to be a Mentor” option.

To become a Mentee on Tulane Connect:

All members of this community are potential Mentees. To find a Mentor, search the “Network” tab to find people in the industry or geographic region you wish to explore. When searching, select the “Willing to help” option. View each person’s profile to determine if they are willing to be a Mentor and reach out accordingly.

  1. myTulaneNetwork

This is Tulane University’s private network for alums. You do not have to register on the network to join the mentoring program, but should register to search the network for other purposes, such as finding old classmates, looking for alums to connect with in your area, etc.

Alums can choose whether they would like to register as a Mentor or a Mentee. Mentors will be able to indicate preferences with regard to which populations he/she would like to mentor and how they would like to assist. Students will only be able to register as Mentees.

Contact Alumni Career Services for assistance at