Tulane Club of San Diego


Club Newsletter - January 2015

The Tulane Club of San Diego is an active group of local alumni who organize social, educational and cultural activities for Tulane alumni in San Diego and adjacent counties. The club is a constituent member of the Tulane Alumni Association (TAA.) Founded in 1898, the TAA provides a forum for meaningful involvement and interaction among the university’s alumni, students, and university leaders.

Traditionally our events have included an annual crawfish boil and Mardi Gras brunch. We helped out with new student recruitment and attended College Fairs & Admissions receptions; boogied with Marcia Ball at the Belly Up Tavern; cheered for our top rated teams at a local sports bar; hosted a VIP tent at Gator by the Bay Cajun-Zydeco Fest; helped clean up San Diego’s beaches and assisted in the “Grunion Greeter” project headed by Melissa Studer (N ’94). Occasionally our events are held in conjunction with the Los Angeles and Orange County Clubs. Several times over the years we’ve been recognized by the Tulane Alumni Association with an Outstanding Club award.

There are email and website announced opportunities to attend club planning meetings, concerts, crawfish boils, community service projects, TV viewings, theater performances, academic receptions and happy hour networking nights. For the more spontaneous events that frequently occur, sign up for our Facebook page
https://www.facebook.com/groups/25251163795/  Click on the Photos Tab to see what we’ve been up.


Activities of the club are planned and organized by local alumni with the assistance of the Tulane Office of Alumni Relations. Your ideas and help are welcome. We’re always looking for some new volunteers to coordinate and/or help with specific events. It’s fun, so don’t be shy. Contact anyone on the Steering Committee if you would like to become involved. Just want some more information? Please contact Laurie Sanderson laurie.sanderson@gmail.com

Steering Committee

Chair and Club President

Laurie Sanderson laurie.sanderson@gmail.com


Admissions (student receptions, college fairs, welcome party, etc):

Patricia Freeland pfreelan@tulane.edu

Communications (email updates, newsletter, website, etc):

Melissa Studer melissastuder@tulanealumni.net

Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc):

Stephanie Antin santin321@gmail.com

Membership (volunteers, networking, recruiting, etc):

Laurie Sanderson laurie.sanderson@gmail.com

Music (concerts & North County events):

Steve DeMatteo dematteosm@gmail.com

Social Events (Happy Hours, picnics, concerts, etc):

Andy Sanderson andysanderson@gmail.com

Special Events (Holiday Party, Mardi Gras Brunch, etc):

Event organizers and Party Hosts wanted! Please contact Laurie Sanderson

LSU Crawfish Boil: Mary Lynn Hyde mlhyde@san.rr.com

Tulane Crawfish Boil: Jon Connor jonbconnor@gmail.com


Past Presidents Advisory Committee

Mary Lynn Hyde mlhyde@san.rr.com

Bil Kammer wkammer@swsslaw.com

Carol Showley carolshowley@yahoo.com


Alumni Office Contact
Gabriela Cannon
877-4TULANE (488-5263)