Mentor Program

The purpose of the Career Advisory Program is to facilitate relationship development among Tulane University alumni and students for the purpose of career exploration and advancement. These relationships are expected to be mutually beneficial exchanges that provide personal and career growth.

Alums can choose whether they would like to register as a Mentor or a Mentee. Mentors will be able to indicate preferences with regard to which populations he/she would like to mentor. Students will only be able to register as Mentees.

Once registered, it is the Mentee’s responsibility to search the Mentor database to find someone with experiences, education, and interests that align with their own. Mentors do not have to accept every invitation to connect that he/she receives, but are expected to be responsive to outreach from Mentees.

Matches are not determined or assigned by the university – they are determined through one or more conversations between Mentors and the Mentees.

Should challenges or concerns arise either party may contact Alumni Career Services for assistance at